what we do

security services are a vital factor in maintaining humans safe in public areas. whether or not in a faculty, office building, or shopping mall security-safety officers are tasked with preserving each day going for walks easily and effectively. whilst they're regularly in comparison to police officers, it’s essential to realize that there’s a difference between the 2.Both are essential to public welfare in these huge, busy spaces..

Our Security Policy

We provide security services for any Industrial / Corporate area, Hospitals, Event Security, Banking Sectors, as per their required needs, to ensure the security, safety of their premises from unwanted visitors.

Corporate Security

All our corporate security members are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism and skills, due to the nature of the job and the security services industry regulations.


'Jai Security Services' is one of the trusted organizations, engaged in offering labor contracting services as per the needs and demands of the clients.Ensuring the adequate supply of registered guards for the purpose of facilitating and doing security work.


Jai security- safety services provide housekeeping offerings for the corporate workplace, workplace campus, Industries, Institutes with the aid of the present-day methods and well-educated housework technical human beings.

Fire and Safety

As a security guard, your important obligation is to protect people and property. The security guards are the first character to detect inside the quick stage of fire. within the case of fire, you have to know how to behave quickly and confidently.

ATM Security

Our Bank security guard ensures the safety of your bank always. We teach them to securitize the premises and document any kind of dubious activity. Bankers have a big responsibility of protecting public money.

Hospital Security Guard

A hospital security member, you protect staff, patients, and visitors and ensure that all hospital property is secure.Our responsibilities are to patrol the building and its grounds. screen all hobby inside and outside of the hospital.


Jai security services provide professional and trained Industrial security guards to secure your business.A sense of security is maximum vital for anybody, no matter the work and the surroundings you're engaged in.

Event Security

Our event safety services are not simply all brawn and no mind. We train them to make sure that they could suppose on their toes, come what may.

Bouncer Service

'Jai Security services' are rendering Bouncers Security Guards Service. In addition to this, these provided services Supported by a highly accomplished crew of employees.